Ninja chopper bladePeople will tell you what they do, but not how. It's like Bob Proctor says, "I don't think it matters what you do, but how you're doing it". 5. level 1. Enostack. · 1y. Well Am making $200+ from ready made mobile apps , looking to scale it and buy more ready apps and publish them 10k is the goal. 4. How to sell digital items on ebay redditIt depends. Ran some numbers, assuming 5.00% cap rate for an asset and 60% LTV, and you'll need $2,594,595 in equity to yield $10,000/month in income (not including tax benefits of real estate).. EDIT: If you up leverage to 80% and cap rate to 7.00%, you only need $872,727 in equity to yield $10,000 per month, which is more in line with what others have experienced on this thread.